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Written by George B. — September 14, 2013



Quality e-juice. From butter-rum to RY4 – very tasty with no steeping needed. Just good, right out of the bottle. LehighVape’s RY4 rivals the best of that flavor I’ve tried from several vendors. The butter-rum is smooth and not overpowering. I vape in a Kanger ProTank on a standard Ego 3.7v battery and the vape is plenty. At 12mg of nic, it’s just right. You have to try the butter-rum. It’s butter-yum!

September 15 2013

Jing Yang:

Exciting!!! We will definitely come and celebrate. For Starters like us, it is great to go to a store, see the products and talk to the experts. Definitely going to grab the starter kits and some liquids before they run out like Gold iPhone 5s on Friday :-)

September 21 2013

Bill Bo:

If you’re going to smoke e-cigarettes, you’ve got to pay these guys a visit. They are so knowledgeable and friendly. Their products are great and they’re very honest. They will take the time to show you exactly how everything works, and if you ever have a problem, they’re happy to accommodate you even if it means replacing your malfunctioning item. Really great business!

September 24 2013


I spent some time with George this afternoon. I shared with him my frustration with the corporate grind and my money losses so far with other e-cig products. He set me up wit ha great starter kit and even mixed a new flavor for me on the spot. With this kind of service, why would I go anywhere else? Oh, and we have a new flavor! I like the simplicity of Butter Rum on the Rocks :)

October 19 2013


The Generic Protank I bought was low quality and leaks. The Ego I bought seems like a knock off too. It works fine, but the button sticks sometimes. The evod kit I bought was great. Fruit candy juice flavor was great. the RY4 juice, I don’t know about. Think that’s a preference thing though. Smells so strong. I could use some V2 supplies as I started on them. Blanks carto’s specifically. Good luck with the store George!

November 24 2013

Lehigh Vapor:

If you are having issues with the protank or ego, come back in we want to make sure everyone is satisfied. You shouldn’t feel like you settled in any way!

November 24 2013


All Protanks leak and really mute the flavor! I haven’t had any luck with them since day one. Mine came with my ProVari, which I think was a big mistake on ProVape’s part. I can see their sales declining due to their decision to release their almost wonderful product with this horrid tank (Protank II). However, I did just recently pickup an iTaste VTR from Lehigh Vape and I absolutely love it! The iClear 30? tank is a must for any vaper! (OMG THE FLAVOR!) Happy vaping!! Thanks, Lehigh Vape for your professionalism and excellent service! I look forward to doing more business with you!

December 06 2013

Frederick D Finizzi II:

Wow I am impressed with the new website. I saw it a few months ago and was disappointed because it seemed to just concentrate on the beginner Vaper. It looks like you did a 180 because I love the website now. It looks professional and the custom liquid being made right at that location really gives the impression that it is being run by a professional. I order 100% of my devices and other gear online from companies that are out of the area and I am glad I can start to keep the money local. I am also looking forward to visiting your shop and deal with a real person if I have questions. Best of luck to you!

January 04 2014

Gary G.:

Is the location at the Phillipsburg mall still open? I have been there several times in the last week and no one is there and the kiosk is covered up. Please let me know what other locations you have as an alternative.

January 12 2014

Ryan R:

I’ve been frequenting the shop a lot lately on the hunt for the best flavors. I found them here. Watermelon Rancher is spot on. Just like a candy in your mouth this vape juice keeps you coming back for more.
Next is Empire. Named after the movie, this juice is a very tasty black cherry flavor with a sharp finish. Makes a great all day vape.
Vanilla Custard- I’ve been dripping this in 0mg and it’s an amazing creamy sweet treat. Makes a great after dinner vape to quench that sweet tooth you get after eating.
As I make my way through the over 150 varieties of e-juice they have, I am always interested in coming back to see what they have come up with.
Make the trip out to LehighVapes. It’ll be well worth the time.

April 13 2014


Bought the vision spinner 2 today in Bethlehem. This thing is great. I was there close to 2 hours and had many questions since I am new to vaping. Haven’t had a cig in 2 months. Also bought the kanger 3 tank here last month. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Thanks and I will see you next month around this same date.

October 28 2014


Hi want to buy a vape set for a friend who’s trying to stop smoking. I don’t really know what to purchase. I want to get a kit that has the liquid also please email me with a suggestion or if it’s better tocallyou please let me know. Thanks!

February 12 2015


I crave 24 mg of nicotine which i can find at a lot of places.Is there a reason why you dont offer 24 mg?

February 22 2015


I wanted to share my recent experience with Lehigh Valley Vape. I’ve been a smoker for about 30 years, and always was looking for ways to cut back or even quit. I was introduced to vaping by some family members and friends. I wasn’t knowledgeable with the product or flavors, or even how it worked. I went to my local store in the Phillipsburg Mall and immediately had an associate helping me understand how the product worked. Everyone working was friendly, and helpful being that they too were vaping. I purchased a starter kit, and two favors with 12mg of nicotine: Amaretto, and lv-ry4. After a few weeks of vaping I could feel the craving for a cigarette significantly decrease. After a few months now, my favorite flavor is Cinnamon Red Hot which gives you the burning feeing in the back of your throat just like a Marlboro cigarette. I’m thoroughly pleased, would recommend to every fellow smoker.

Vape on!

March 22 2015


Pg/vg ratio On juices…what is it? Please tell me your working on or have high ratio vg…I live 8n the Poconos ..juice price is lower at your shop by a significant amount you’d have a steady customer if you do vg…thanks

March 31 2015


I come in to the South Mall location fairly frequently. Brian is very helpful, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. He is always more than willing to answer my questions and help me with my device. I have had a chance to purchase multiple vapes from the store and I find the customer service aspect to be fantastic. They’ll help you set up your device, answer any questions you have, and advise you on products that will compliment the device nicely.
Their juice line is also incredible. My personal favorite is Swedish red fish at the moment, though rainbow tarts is a very close second. The nice part is you can sample all of their flavors before you purchase them at the store, which I’ve never been able to do at other stores. It is also reassuring to know that all of their juices are made in professional labs.
I highly recommend Lehigh Vapor to both beginners and experienced vape users.

April 04 2015


I was actually a frequent customer at the south mountain mall location. When i lost my old vape i decided this location would be perfect to get a new one. I know the staff, the product is always growing and they sell devided for a few dollars less than other retailers. After discussing what product would be best for me i ended up buying the SMOK xPro M50. Not even 1 week with the device it messed up. It was constantly telling me ‘weak battery’ the device would shut off right away. I went into the store and the manager wasnt there so i had to stop in and sacrafice my time to speak with him. After finally being in the store while he was working he gave me a different battery and told me to wait a week. I told him specifically it was not the battery its the device, ive hardly used it and the battery works fine. After doing everything he said i returned and he tells me Its been passed 30 days. theres nothing i can do for you. I was outraged but half asleep becuase i had to leave from work to go to the store at 10 am (i work 3rd shift) so i just left i didnt want to deal with the stress. I am a very pissed off customer who has spent a lot of money there just to be left with a broken device in which i still have the box for. Ive emailed the company and nothing. Now i have no reason to even go into the store and i tell people go to a different spot because i feel like i was cheated. making nearly 4 stops in the store within a month to be told to keep waiting. and charge it and wait. and do this and wait and once the 30 days was up Awww im sorry i cant help you. WTF! i was in within the 30 days asked to be assisted and all that was changed was the battery NOT THE DEVICE. Waste of $200+ i feel like i was tossed around and played with just so they can keep the money. Then he had the nerve to tell me Well i can always sell you another one… this was the worst i think his name was brian or something he was the manager. I just wanted the device to be fixed so i can continue to buy more products and enjoy being there. I’m Really upset. if he sees this message he will know who i am because of how frequently i stopped by

April 15 2015

Aaron cassels:

I enjoy so much coming into your shop. Seeing all your flavors up and listed. No questions. When you suggest a flavor its right. Maybe next Monday I’ll come early again.

May 20 2015

Steven fultz:

First time coming into the store had a great time got my name on the wall as one of the farthest clouds if not the farthest one haha but I love your juice and it was great customer service some of the best I had in a few shops

May 30 2015


There is a typo under Equipment

It says “starter kids” instead of “starter kits”

June 02 2015


Pennsylvania Call to Action: Oppose the Governor’s unjustifiable 40% wholesale tax on Vapor Products and Smokeless Tobacco.

PA Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed budget for FY 2016 would enact a 40% wholesale tax on both vapor products and smokeless tobacco. This is certainly not the first time that Pennsylvania has sought to enact a tax on smokeless tobacco, and thanks to the tireless efforts of Bill Godshall of Smokefree Pennsylvania, it has been defeated every time. This year, Governor Wolf is adding e-cigarettes to the mix and hopes to raise $80+ million.

Please visit http://blog.casaa.org/2015/03/pennsylvania-call-to-action-oppose.html and voice your opposition!

Thank you!

June 30 2015

I just wanted to say I work in retail myself, and the customer service in the Nazareth location is some of the best I ever experienced ! They answered all of my questions and really made me feel comfortable. I’m pretty new to the vaping industry and had a lot of questions. After leaving there I felt a lot more comfortable with the in and outs of vaping and will definately be a customer there for life! Thanks so much for all the help. Sam

July 24 2015


I would really like to see you offer some natural eliquids. I understand that all the ingredients are FDA approved, however there is a large consumer base that prefers to consume chemical free products. Right now I’m buying them online.

November 16 2015


Again sitting at the Nazereth store waiting for them to open? It says business is open at 10 and its 10:10 and still not open??? Second time this has happened. I may take my business somewhere else if this keeps up. People on a deadline cant sit and wait. I dont run my business this way!!

November 28 2015


I’ve been reading articles (obvious anti-vaping) where it states that the vape liquid includes chemicals called diacetyl, pentanedione, and/or acetoin. Are these chemicals present in your liquids and what amount?

December 16 2015


So had a flavor idea, its a Christmas treat I love , the keebler kiffle, brown sugar, walnut, an instead of butter a vanilla custard should throw it all together well. I would enjoy this year round, an I’m sure many fellow vapers would enjoy it as well if we can do it in a max VG would be great, let me know what you guys think. Thank you for listening have a great day an happy holidays

December 20 2015

Jim K:

There is going to be an AWESOME competition in Philly. Check it out at www.navabeast.com

January 29 2016

Jim K:

The North American Vaping Association is holding a Cloud Competition in Philadelphia on May 21, 2016. It’s going to be an awesome event! Check it out at http://www.navabeast.com. Anybody wishing to compete in this event will be Officially Ranked by N.A.V.A. (North American Vaping Association).

Also we have vendor booths still available for this event. We expecting a large turnout as there is No Admission fee. This event is private and only card carrying N.A.V.A. members will be allowed to enter. Membership is Free, you can get your member card at www.navabeast.com. Hope to hear from you soon.

Jim Kneipp
Vice President and Events Coordinator

February 01 2016

Joe pro:

Where exactly is this event. Sounds amazing!! How much does it cost ?

February 08 2016

Joe pro:

Can I get the details on www.navabeast.com ?

February 08 2016


71 years young here, an Oldster at smoking cigarettes for 55 plus years. I am now a Vaper, and enjoying it!
My doctor has been bugging me about quitting cigarettes for a long time, but to be truthful, I enjoyed it! The recent tax increase on cigarettes by PA Gov. “Taxing Tom” Wolf, was the final blow. I enjoyed the aromatic smell of a pipe/tobacco, but it bit my tongue after a few bowls, with Vaping, I don’t have that irritation any longer, and get to enjoy lots of aroma. Forget cigars, they stink, even to a smoker.
The Staff at the Nazareth store has been very helpful with my questions, liquid selections and upgrades.
I look forward to being a steady customer there for a long time! Thanks Lehigh Vape, and the ladies at Nazareth!

August 17 2016


Again! Great service and products to trust. This started visiting our son in PA, we are from NC, we were getting ready for their wedding cruse when my wife needed more “vape juice”. A friend suggested Lehigh Vape and brought my wife over. The service was awesome and she finally found a mix that is just like what she smoked. I do want to thank you. She has finally quit smoking, and now we can have it shipped to us! you have a life long customer.

January 04 2017

Patricia Pasewark Zaleski:

Started going to store when I was living on Easton, I have moved to Florida and I am so glad I can order. There is a vape store near me but every time I buy a new battery I have problems with it. They don’t sell the juice I use so I just order on line. You are a great company in the store and on line. So glad I found you.

Thank you

January 06 2017

patricia zaleski:

I have a holder for my evil that I bought st the shop on Bethlehem Pa and I would like to buy another one. Is this possible by mail?

Thank you
Patricia Z

May 04 2017

patricia zaleski:

I have a holder for my evil that I bought st the shop on Bethlehem Pa and I would like to buy another one. Is this possible by mail?

Thank you
Patricia Z

May 04 2017

Dr PennsylVapia:

Patricia Zaleski has a holder for her evil that she bought from you in Bethlehem. Can she buy another one? Maybe one that is not evil this time!

July 09 2017

Michael Robertson:

I’ve been to the store several times VERY helpful staff very willing to help you I was helped today buy a lovely girl super courteous definitely recommend going here

October 22 2017


Hi guys!

I totally love your vape blog and I would like to publish some of my articles on your blog.

I have written a handful of vape articles over the past two weeks. All of my articles take a vape advertising / social media slant because I am an SEO geek.

I have not yet started a blog myself as I am fairly busy.

I have saved all the articles on my google drive which you can access from here:


I would be most grateful if you could publish my nickname: PeachyVaper

If you would like, I can write up some more articles and send them over to you. I am going to buy some new e-liquid over the course of this week so I will probably send you a couple of e-liquid review articles for your site!

It would be fab if you could send me the links to the published articles so that I could build up my portfolio as a blogger :)

Have a fab day!

October 16 2018

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October 23 2018

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October 23 2018

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