Lehigh Vape


A line of eLiquid that added pure extract caffeine to the traditional nicotine based liquid.  Lehigh Vapor, LLC offers both caffeine and nicotine (12MG strength) blend version and that of a pure caffeine, no nicotine version for customers to choose from.  Caffeitine, the same caffeine, a totally new enjoyment.  US patent pending.  Caffeitine US trademark registration pending.

All of our liquid are proudly Manufactured by a professional Pharmaceutical lab which is in the process to acquire AEMSA certification.


Although there is NO tobacco in any of the eLiquid Lahigh Vape manufactures, Nicotine and Caffeine are both highly addictive substances.  User discretion is highly recommended in consumption of these products.  Although consumption of both substances are approved by FDA, Lehigh Vape is not responsible for any accidental overdoses.  Our liquids are made strictly within the known industry guidelines.  Your safety and the quality of our product are of the highest concerns throughout our production process.

You should be at least 18 to consume products containing Nicotine.