Lehigh Vape

Glacial Cool

This collection encompasses eLiquid that get their icy taste from menthol and mint.

Lehigh Vapor® Chill Scale (all % is Flavoring only.  Does not include liquid base):

Minty = 100% Menthol Mint (Definitely the Glacial Pinnacle of Lehigh Vapor® cool)

Methol Ice = 40% Menthol

Chill = 20% Menthol (Paired with only one single other flavoring)

Iced = Between 10% - 20% Menthol (Usually paired with more than one flavoring, hence the coolness might be accentuated or weakened)

Cubed = Less than 10% Menthol (Usually paired with more than one flavoring.  Meant to provide a cool hint in a complex flavor).

All of our liquid are proudly Manufactured by a professional Pharmaceutical lab which is in the process to acquire AEMSA certification.